Die Attach
Semi-Automatic die attach systems with programmable dispenser. Semi-Automatic Eutectic Die Attach.
Wafer Mounter
Manual and Semi-Automatic mounters for wafers up to 8 inches diameter. Contact and non-contact methods available.
Die Coating
Automatic and Semi-Automatic systems for die coating. Single magazine indexer for all leadframe sizes. Available with in line UV curing system for applications requiring UV curable materials.
Scribe and Break
Automatic system for scribe and break of Silicon wafers, GaAs Wafers, Glass and other materials.
Wafer/Substrate Fracturer
Semi-Automatic system for wafer break or substrate break applications.
Wire Bond Pull Tester
Manual low-cost wire bond pull tester.
UV Tape Curing Systems
Automatic and Semi-Automatic systems for UV curing of UV Wafer Tapes.
Wafer Cleaner
Contact and non-contact wafer cleaners for wafers up to 8 inches diameter.
Wafer Expander
Temperature controlled piston ram accommodates wafers mounted on film frames or rings.
Backlapping Film Applicator
Semi-Automatic system for mounting backlapping films. Semi-Automatic system for removal of backlapping films.
Leadframe Assembly Equipment
Manual, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic systems for lead attach for SIP, DIP, and Quad packages.
Fiber Optic Assembly
Fully automatic systems for fiber optic array devices, laser modules, optical waveguides.
UV Epoxy or Laser Attach
Eccentricity Measurement Systems
Non-contact, automated measurement systems for WDM devices, single or multiple ferrules.

Updated on February 4, 2002