Wafer Dicing Films
Adhesive films for Dicing or Scribing of wafers. Full range of adhesive strength (low, medium, high tack). UV Curable Films.
Underfill Encapsulant
Fast flow, low temperature epoxy underfill material for use in Chip-On Board assembly. Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion make it ideal for Flip Chip attachment on flex circuits, organic and ceramic substrates.
Conductive "Polysolder" Adhesive
Unique, patented silver filled epoxy. Processing temperature as low as 130C. Applications for die attach and as a component attach replacement for solder on rigid boards.
Moisture/Particle/Hydrogen Getters
Moisture Getter material for hermetic packages. Moisture/Particle Getter material for PIND Testing. Hydrogen Getters for GaAs die in Hermetic Packages.
Gold/Tin Preforms
Preforms for Eutectic Die Attach applications.
Backlapping Films
Adhesive Films for backlapping, thinning and lapping.
Stamped Leadframes
Precision stamped leadframes for SIP, DIP, ZIP,Quads, Surface Mount, Thru-hole and Solder-laden. Wide variety of base materials and platings available. Custom designs and custom plating also available
Precision Metal Stampings
Precision Metal Stampings for all applications. Parts are available in continuous coil or loose piece. Design and manufacture of die for any custom metal stamping applications.
Fiber Optic Materials
Microball lenses, aspherical lenses, v-groove glocks, optical fiber arrays, pig-tail assemblies.

Updated on February 4, 2002